Ireland, a jewel of an Island

Ireland is an island off the western coast of Europe. It is a wild and wonderful place with friendly people, ancient and lively culture, a place to lose and find yourself. The landscape is a mixture of mystical rural landscapes and wild and rugged western coastlands. Major international cities are dotted around the island, including Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Galway, Limerick, and Waterford.


The Irish people are its treasure – always friendly and welcoming, talkers and storytellers. Culture and heritage are all around – castles and ancient historical sites are ever present in the landscape. Irish people are full of wit and good humour, they love the ‘craic’ (an Irish word for having and making fun).


Traveling around Ireland is easy with extensive roads, rail and bus links. The countryside can be explored via laid out trails and walk/cycle routes or just be exploring as you go. Some of the most incredible scenery you could ever imagine is only 20 minutes away from all its major cities.

Ireland is easily accessible with direct flights from over 200 airports. It is connected to all major European hubs. The island of Ireland is split into two parts, Northern Ireland, which is part of the UK, and The Republic of Ireland in the South. Neither Northern Ireland nor the Republic are part of the Schengen area so separate visas will need to be applied for. We advise all contingents, who need them, to apply for both UK and Irish visas. Ireland is part of the EU and uses the Euro, Sterling is used in Northern Ireland. 

The theme for this Moot is Le Chéile (leh kay-la) which translates to ‘together’. There is an old saying in the Irish language; “ neart go cur le chéile” which means “There is no strength without unity”. The Moot will bring together thousands of Scouts from across the world, to share cultures, learn from each other and gain new skills. Our programme is based on collaboration; allowing us to be inclusive, educational and adventurous. As Scouts, each of us can, and must, make a positive difference in the world; Le Chéile our impact will be greater. We aim to inspire the World’s Scouts to act together to improve our world and their own local communities. So, get ready for the 16th World Scout Moot in Ireland when we show the world what we can do Le Chéile!Klik hier om een tekst te typen.